Canine Communities

3 months on the road in Central America has taught me much. Some may think the life of a backpacker bum invites idleness and slothfulness on a grand scale. Not me. I’ve been busy banishing the brainrot with astute intercultural observations. Namely that alot can be ascertained about a country from its houndly inhabitants (I mentioned I had been busy). Tongue firmly in cheek, zoom out from the old adage, ‘like pet, like owner’ and transplant on a national scale. Take Mexico, there’s tangible machismo to be detected on the face of that there Great Dane. In Belize, it’s all about the fro. Guatemalan doggies like their lackadaisical lazing, and in Hondurus I was happy just to let sleeping dogs lie.Image

‘Poncy ‘effin balloons!’


A dog with a ‘do’ in Belize


Lappin’ up the love, in Guatemala.


A few too many oranges for this hound of Honduras!


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